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Welcome to my home page!

What is there to know about me?  Not much.  I'm just a regular guy in a regular world.

My Photography
I had my first camera when I was just a little boy, and since then I've always taken an interest in Photography.

Back in 1981, I purchased a Canon A1 that I planned to use as I got serious. However, I didn't get very serious with it. I just used the camera for fun, and taking pictures of family and friends.

In 1998 my Canon A1 was stolen, and I replaced it with a Nikon N70. As much as I love Nikon cameras, I never felt like the N70 gave me as good of picture quality as the A1 did. However, with the N70 I became more heavily involved with photographing people.

In June of 2001 I bought my first professional camera, the Nikon F-100. It worked Wonderfully! Within a month of purchasing the new camera, I had already taken over 50 rolls of film with it.

In July of 2000, I purchased my first Digital camera, a Kodak DC4800.  This camera was partly a gift from my friend Cara, and partly purchased by me.  We shared the cost.  I LOVED the benefits of Digital, but found that the quality of this 3.1 megapixel camera still didn't replace 35mm film.

In November of 2001 I purchased a Nikon Coolpix 5000.  This was a 5.0 megapixel camera!  I found that I could get pictures much closer to the quality of 35mm film with this camera.  However, it still didn't approach the functionality of my F100, or ANY of my SLR cameras.

Finally, in July of 2002 I purchased a Fujifilm S2 Pro.  This camera made it so I no longer would have any use for 35mm film cameras.  I packed up my Nikon N70 and F100 in a box where I would never use them to expose film again.  The Fuji S2 Pro outputs a full 12 megapixel image, and it is a full DSLR, so I don't lose any of the functionality of my previous cameras!  So that's how I was converted to digital.  As of today, June 23rd 2004, I have over 90 gigabytes of digital photos I've taken, and over 100,000 pictures.

March 24, 2009:

What has changed since when I originally set up this page so long ago? Well, since my Fujifilm S2 Pro, I have since purchased the S3 Pro then the S5 Pro. I'm thinking the S5 Pro may be the last DSLR that Fujifilm manufactures. I'll miss their cameras, and eventually will have to pick out another brand to start using (Nikon or Canon, most likely). Anyway, I still take pictures, though I have been slowing down quite a bit. I still do photo shoots of some of the models that I like best (Cassie and Adena), but have slowed down a lot with the model photography. Not sure where my photography will go next, or if I'll eventually tire of it. We'll see. Anyway, thanks for visiting!